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If you rely on a wheelchair for mobility, a stable and comfortable position in an appropriate model is vital – for comfort, health, independence and productivity. Proper wheelchair positioning with an individualized seating system can promote good posture, enhance breathing and digestion, prevent complications such as pressure sores and skin irritation, slow further loss of mobility, minimize pain and maximize functioning.

Occupational and physical therapists at the Wheelchair Seating and Positioning Center are specifically trained in this important specialty. They will conduct a thorough evaluation of your unique abilities, needs, lifestyle and environment. Based on that evaluation they will recommend a wheelchair seating system, which may include specialized supportive cushions; backrests; headrests; or trunk, arm and leg supports.

Center staff also can recommend the best mobility device for you, whether the goal is to safely navigate city streets or live comfortably at home. A wide variety of manual and power wheelchairs, pediatric strollers and scooters is available and can be customized to meet your needs. Training for you, your family and caregivers on wheelchair use and safe transfer techniques also is provided.

Rehabilitation Engineering Center


At the Rehabilitation Engineering Center, engineers, designers and technicians provide the technical expertise – including modifying commercial products and fabricating custom equipment – to ensure the best solution for you. That could mean creating a customized seating system, adapting telephone buttons, or designing a work station so a patient can go back to work.