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Pathways.org recognizes that children constantly develop new “paths” and, even if one path is blocked or delayed, another path can be unlocked or learned. Through the concept of neuroplasticity combined with the best in pediatric therapy, children can build new “pathways” that lead to better sensory, motor, and communication skills. 

Early Intervention


Early Intervention is a federally mandated program of coordinated services, through IDEA Part C, that provides support and education to children with developmental delays and their families. Children ages 0-3 exhibiting delays in physical, cognitive, communication, and social/emotional development are eligible for services. The goal of Early Intervention (EI) is to help children with developmental delays as soon as possible so they can reach their fullest potential.

Eligibility for EI is determined after a child had been evaluated by a health professional. Some children are diagnosed at birth with a condition that makes them eligible for EI, while other children may not be evaluated until they have exhibited a delay in reaching milestones.

Pediatric Therapy


Occupational Therapy
Occupational therapists work to help children master daily life skills. Just as occupational therapy can help adults function better at their jobs, occupational therapists help children succeed in the important areas of their lives. Depending on a child’s needs, they could work with a therapist on anything from improving their handwriting to taking part in social activities.

Physical Therapy
Physical therapists are eager to help your child explore the world.  They strive to make every session fun, while working on improving strength, flexibility, range of motion, posture, balance, and movement patterns for any child in need of intervention.

Speech Language Therapy
Speech-language pathologists strive to give children the tools to communicate effectively. Their aim is to improve a child’s ability to use verbal and non-verbal language, and to tolerate sensory stimulation. Speech-language pathologists can also help in addressing feeding and swallowing in infants and children

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