TMR Lab at AAP 2022


AAP 2022 Conference


Heading to Physiatry 2022 annual conference? Join the following presentations from members of the Translational Musculoskeletal Research (TMR) Laboratory.

Oral Presentation


The Demographic Characteristics and Global Health Impact of Golf for Individuals with Disability: A Mixed-Methods Study
S Guillaume, T Bennett, B Smith, P Jayabalan

Golf provides many benefits to individuals with disability (IwD), including moderate-level physical activity, rehabilitative potential and improved mental health and disability identity. The first aim of the study was to quantitatively describe and analyze the demographic and geographical characteristics of IwDs participating in amateur golf from a large worldwide database started by the European Disability Golf Association (EDGA). The second aim of the study was to perform semi-structured interviews of current players to qualitatively assess the overall psychological and health effects of adaptive golf and understand the factors acting as barriers or facilitators to participation of golf around the world.

Poster Presentations


On Top of the World: Reaching Underserved Domestic and International Populations through Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Residency Training
R Malik, L Chen, P Jayabalan

This study is the first to to describe the access to didactics and resources related to domestic and international underserved populations that are available at PM&R residencies across the United States. The majority of residents who responded stated their programs did not offer global health opportunities: lectures (61.3%), simulations (91.2%), journal clubs (81%), educational tracks (75.2%), established international electives (71.5%), or rotations with domestic underserved populations (48.9%). Our study suggests that trainees would like more global health opportunities during their residency experience and that the availability of such opportunities would affect their residency program selection.


To assess patient knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs regarding the use of Music Therapy (MT) as a part of their inpatient rehabilitation treatment program.
E Edwards, P Jayabalan

We assessed patient knowledge, attitudes, and beliefs regarding the use of Music Therapy (MT) in an acute rehabilitation setting. We found a general favorability toward MT's use in this setting and that younger, more educated patients tend to score higher in these areas. Increasing patient knowledge about MT may improve their attitudes and beliefs further optimizing this therapy for widespread use. 


An Evaluation of the Perceptions and Engagement in Tele-Exercise in Individuals with Chronic Musculoskeletal Conditions during the COVID-19 Pandemic
D Yorks, K Craigie, E Gray, C Hanaoka, T Schnitzer, P Jayabalan


Adaptive Athletes’ Perceptions on the Importance of Nutrition Related to Sports Performance
M Hayes, K Ozment, P Jayabalan

This study determines the knowledge and perceptions of nutritional intake and the relationship to sports performance in a cohort of adaptive athletes. It is a cross-sectional study that discovered the majority of adaptive athletes do not plan their dietary intake surrounding competition and think it would be beneficial to have additional nutritional education.

The Impact of a Novel Musculoskeletal Consult Service in Inpatient Rehabilitation: A Retrospective Cohort Study
M Lu, M Wieber, P Jayabalan


Cross-sectional Analysis of the Global Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Worldwide Golfers with Disabilities
R Darcy, C Fausett, A Neuville, P Jayabalan


The Development of a Cartilage Stress Test for Knee Osteoarthritis
P Jayabalan, C Hanaoka, R Darcy, V Darbhe


Development of a Biomarker Panel to Assess Lower Extremity Pain and Joint Function in Individuals with Cerebral Palsy
C Hanaoka, D Gaebler, B Katholi, P Jayabalan


The prognosis of dysphagia in post-acute care COVID-19 patients during inpatient rehabilitation
C Lewis, E Cruz, S Dreyer, K Fahey, P Jayabalan


Descriptive Analysis of Physical Health and Quality of Life of Adaptive Athletes during the COVID-19 Pandemic
K Ozment, M Hayes, P Jayabalan


Socioeconomic and Medical Factors Predictive of Functional Improvement in Inpatient Rehabilitation After COVID-19
S Dreyer, K Fahey, C Lewis, P Jayabalan