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Reasonable Accommodations in Employment; Supporting People with Disabilities to Decide When and How to Request Webinar


The right to request reasonable accommodation in employment is a cornerstone of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) goal of reducing discrimination in the workplace. Accommodations play a critical role in increasing access to, and retention of, employment for people with disabilities. The process of requesting an accommodation can be challenging, however, and many individuals with disabilities struggle to negotiate the decisions that must be made. Drs. Mark Harniss and Heather Evans will share a decision support aid designed to guide individuals through the process of requesting a reasonable accommodation in the workplace. Drawing on insights gathered through focus groups and interviews with people with disabilities, employers, and vocational counselors, this decision support aid is intended to be an interactive, web-based tool that prompts individuals with disabilities to reflect on their own circumstances, preferences, and needs as part of deciding when and how to request accommodations.

Learning Objectives

1.  Identify the key decision points in the reasonable accommodation process under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

2.  Gain insight into the lived experiences of people with disabilities and the psycho-social dynamics of reasonable accommodation decision-making.

3.  Recognize a new tool in development that will provide decision support through the reasonable accommodation process.

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