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We are studying biological markers, or biomarkers of Parkinson's disease to develop a way to measure how well treatment is working in individuals and identify people with PD at early stages for treatments.


What is the goal of this study?

This study aims to further examine a type of T-cell, an immune cell in the blood, found to appear in about half of people with Parkinson’s disease (PD) and only rarely in age-matched control volunteers. This type of T-cell may be a biomarker of PD. A biomarker is a substance or characteristic in our bodies that is associated with the presence of disease or that changes over time in a way that can be linked to the progression of disease. These biological measures will help develop treatments for Parkinson’s, particularly therapies that could slow or stop progression.

If successful, this research will benefit people with PD through earlier diagnosis and as a means to detect how well treatments are working.

During our study we are looking at donated blood samples of qualified participants, assess the clinical conditions and written surveys to determine the biomarkers present to identify and stop progression of the disease.


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IRB Project #: STU00209668

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