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This study is complete and is no longer recruiting subjects.



Movement Health is a measure of your body's readiness to perform everyday activities such as lifting, bending, reaching, and even walking. A recently developed smartphone application aims to assess movement health using AI and computer vision algorithms. These algorithms quantify limitations in the body's stability, mobility, and posture as the app guides the user through a simple set of activities.

The purpose of this study is to validate this Movement Health application using advanced wearable sensors and a sequence of standardized clinical assessments. Participants are guided through the Movement Health assessment while wearing a full-body IMU suit to record joint kinematics in 3D. Further, each participant completes a variety of outcome measures to assess functional mobility, flexibility, balance, and posture. The scores from the Movement Health application are compared to the wearable sensor data and the clinical outcome measures. The diverse set of participants includes hundreds of subjects of all ages and body types, ranging from young and flexible athletes to mobility-impaired elderly individuals.

Subject Population


  • Ages 18-85
  • Healthy individuals
  • Individuals considered movement athletes (gymnasts, dancers, MMA, etc.)
  • Individuals with mild mobility impairments (arthritis, mild stroke, chronic joint pain)

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