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Research Collaboration with Samsung Featured on CNN Business

Posted By Sheila Burt


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Arun Jayaraman, PT, PhD and Sara Prokup, PT, DPT of the Max Näder Center for Rehabilitation Technologies and Outcomes Research were recently interviewed for an advertisement feature on CNN Business regarding a new powered device (the GEMS) for stroke patients. The segment, sponsored by Samsung, follows the story of Dan Hoppestad, who had a stroke in 2019 and initially lost much of his mobility and speaking ability.

The GEMS device is a powered exoskeleton that provides assistance at the hip joint during walking for people with lower extremity weakness. The device is currently being evaluated by clinicians and research subjects with sub-acute and chronic stroke at the Max Näder Center.

In the video, Dan's wife, Brenda, notes how the device provides Dan with more confidence in his recovery: His knee lifts higher and he's talking more as his recovery progresses, she noted.

The device has the potential to provide users with needed stability and protection as they walk, Dr. Jayaraman added.

Watch the segment in full below.

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