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Virtual Vocational Rehabilitation for People with Parkinson's Disease



If you are interested in participating in this program, please contact Sydney Achler at (312) 238-6825 or 


Vocational Rehabilitation has been suggested to help people with Parkinson’s disease with job retention. Shirley Ryan AbilityLab Vocational Rehabilitation counselors provide specialized services for people with physical disabilities, including but not limited to counseling clients on strategies to retain their current employment or obtain new employment. However, our preliminary research suggests that these services are underutilized by people with Parkinson's disease.

With generous support from the Parkinson's Foundation, we are piloting a "Virtual Vocational Rehabilitation" Program for people with Parkinson's disease who might lack access to these key services.

Purpose and Description


The purpose of the Virtual Vocational Rehabilitation program is to support a structure for expanding the availability of Vocational Rehabilitation to people with Parkinson's who would otherwise not be able to receive services at SRAlab due to living out of state or other travel barriers. Virtual Vocational Rehabilitation program evaluations and counseling sessions will be conducted over the phone or WebEx.

After piloting the virtual vocational rehabilitation program for one year, we will conduct program evaluations to describe patient satisfaction, components of the program most widely used, and vocational rehabilitation clinician evaluation.



Smartphone and computer adaptation handouts (English):


Smartphone and computer adaptation handouts (Spanish):

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