Leora's Aphasia Crew 2019

Leora Cherney Receives Elite Distinction; Named “Fellow of ACRM”


ACRM 96th Annual Conference


On Nov. 7, Leora Cherney, PhD, scientific chair, Think + Speak Lab, was inducted as a Fellow of ACRM — the American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine’s recognition of its most outstanding members.

Dr. Cherney was one of eight new fellows to be announced at ACRM’s Henry B. Betts Awards Dinner & Gala.

Leora recieving award

Dr. Cherney was recognized for her professional contributions to the field of rehabilitation medicine.

“As a clinician-investigator, Dr. Cherney has enhanced our understanding of neurologic speech and language disorders, especially aphasia, and altered the way in which clinical services are provided.”

In addition, she was honored for her service to ACRM as member of various leadership committees, special interest groups, and as contributor to and section editor of the Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.


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