Elyssa recieves award


Elissa was one of 21 nominees for the prize. She was nominated by two colleagues — Julie Carpenter, clinical practice leader, speech-language pathologist; and Leora Cherney, PhD, scientific chair, Think + Speak Lab. Their passionate narratives highlight exactly why she was selected for this prestigious designation.

“Elissa is a one-of-a-kind clinician and a one-of-a-kind human. Her approach to others is to connect deeply and explore common ground,” wrote Julie. “This comes across in her conversation, her emails, even her texts — she is simply thoughtful, deliberate and considerate.”

“When patients, families, and colleagues interact with Elissa, it is her kind, thoughtful and dedicated nature that shines forth,” wrote Dr. Cherney. “Elissa truly believes in the mission of the Shirley Ryan AbilityLab, all the while showing her empathy and compassion, and going the extra mile!”

aphasia Team with Elissa

Elissa will receive a $5,000 cash prize and funding and protected time for a humanitarian project. Additionally, she will be named as our very first Kabiller Fellow, and will be inducted into the Kabiller Humanitarian Society. Over time, as new Kabiller award winners are announced, this society will grow into a special cohort of employees empowered to set and execute humanitarian goals that help advance the Shirley Ryan AbilityLab mission.