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Project Overview


The Rehabilitation Research and Training Center on Employment and Disability includes 3 dissemination projects, 6 training projects, and 2 technical assistance projects to complement the 4 research projects. These Knowledge Translation (KT) projects seek to (1) increase knowledge about, and use of, outcome instruments to support employment goals, (2) develop and disseminate high quality KT materials on employment topics, (3) mentor and guide researchers and other stakeholders in integrating evidence-based outcome instruments in vocational rehabilitation, and (4) provide expert consultation and online materials to help employment stakeholders access and utilize materials created and validated by investigators as part of this Center’s activities. 

These KT projects will be directed by Dr. Linda Ehrlich-Jones.

Dissemination Activities


Our KT Team will work on three dissemination projects:

  1. Employment and Vocational Rehabilitation Instrument Database
  2. Quarterly Online Newsletters
  3. Social Media Activities

Training Activities


Our KT Team will work on six training projects:

  1. Webinars on Employment and Vocational Rehabilitation Issues
  2. Professional and Consumer Association Conference Workshops
  3. Lectureship on Employment Issues in Disabilities
  4. Fellowship
  5. Workshop on Accommodations and Accessibility
  6. Peer Mentor Training on Employment Issues

Technical Assistance Activities


Our KT Team will work on two technical assistance projects:

  1. Consultation and Resources for Employment
  2. Help-Desk

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