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Seeking Research Participants for Study on Below-Elbow Amputation

Posted By Sheila Burt


The Center for Bionic Medicine is seeking research participants to complete a study that involves testing a multi-articulating prosthesis in our laboratory and at home. Participants must have a transradial (below-the-elbow) amputation and be willing to undergo Targeted Muscle Reinnervation, an established surgical procedure.

What is the Goal of this Study?


The goal of this study is to evaluate how Targeted Muscle Reinnervation (TMR) and pattern recognition technologies may help individuals with transradial amputation control their prosthetic device.

Our team pioneered research in both TMR and pattern recognition technology. TMR is a nerve transfer surgery that increases the number of available muscle control sites. TMR is an established procedure that has been performed on hundreds of patients around the world. Pattern recognition involves the use of machine-learning algorithms to remember muscle movements so that a powered prosthetic device can 'learn' your distinct muscle patterns and activity. 

We are investigating if TMR and pattern recognition will enhance an individual's control of their prosthesis and allow them to better use advanced prosthetic devices.

What Will I Have to Do?


This study will involve visits to our laboratory (355 E. Erie St.) and some home trials using a multi-articulating prosthetic device. You must also be willing to undergo TMR surgery.

Will I Receive Compensation?


Yes, compensation will be provided, and all surgical and travel costs will also be covered. You will also be allowed to keep the prosthetic device at the end of the trial.

Who Should I Contact to Participate?


For more information, please contact Kristi Turner, MHS, OTR/L at or (312) 238-1364.

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