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Listing: Trust and Lifecare Planning

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May 11, 2023


This is a listing for securing the future of a child or older relative who has a disability and requires careful legal, benefits, financial planning, and consultation with experts who can guide the family in making the best decisions. Listed below are some organizations that provide these services and can aid in the long term planning.

Family Support Aids

Future Care Planning- Roadmap for Families Workbook

A pdf guidebook published by Arizona Sonoran UCEDD- Caregiver Roadmap - to assist families in considerations.

The Arc of Illinois - Family Transition Project
Hope is at the heart of the Family Transition Project. We encourage people with intellectual/developmental disabilities (I/DD) living in large institutions (and their families) to explore the possibilities of community living.

Family Transition Manual
Transition to Employment and Adult Services for Youth with Developmental Disabilities in Illinois.
A manual to assist in transitioning to independent employment.

Future Life Care Planning Organizations

Companions on Your Journey LLC

helps people with disabilities and their families set realistic goals for work, life and independence and put together the public and private resources to pay for them. 
Alexandra Conroy Baig, MBA, CFP®

Protected Tomorrows

We take your hand and guide you through the process of planning that future, alleviating your anxieties and transforming your uncertainty into positive action that not only secures a brighter future for your loved one with special needs, but helps you and your family member to grow on your journey together.

Rehab Assist, Inc.

By providing the highest quality of service in the areas of Case Management, Guardianship Services and Life Care Planning, the staff at Rehab Assist helps disabled individuals navigate the challenges and roadblocks that living with disabilities can present. 


Trust Planning Services

Life’s Plan, Inc
Dawn Feldt:

Peck Bloom - Chicago Elder Law Firm

(847) 509-1099

Bart Stevens Special Needs Planning, LLC

(888) 447-2525



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