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May 1, 2023

There are no doors you cannot open, when your mind is receptive to the possibilities of a journey.


Access Anything
Access Anything is an online travel resource for people with disabilities.

Access Tours
Non–profit provides accessible tours of National Parks and other sites in the American west

Accessible Journeys, Inc.
Travel for slow walkers, wheelchair users, family and friends.
Individual or group travel opportunities.

Accessible Portugal
Customized and accessible tours in Portugal and Spain - site in Espanyol

Amtrak: discounts for people with disabilities

Dialysis at Sea Cruises
Cruise opportunities for people undergoing dialysis.

Diveheart Foundation
Scuba diving travel and training for people with disabilities.

Easy Access - Chicago
Information for Visitors and Residents with A Wide Range of Disabilities, as well as for Older Travelers
contact Open Doors Foundation: 773-388-8839

About Us – Open Doors OrganizationOpen Doors Organization (
Accessible travel information for people with disabilities
ODO is involved in ground-breaking work in the travel, hotel, and entertainment industries paving the way for accessibility for persons with disabilities.
Rosemont, IL 60018  Phone 773.388.8839

Society for Accessible Travel & Hospitality
Organization for travel professionals and consumers interested in accessible travel in the US and abroad. Home exchange travel opportunities to swap for vacations.

Trip Buzz - Wheelchair Accessible Travel Guide
Gives numerous websites on general travel tips, traveling by air, making travel easier, and attractions and accommodations for persons who have disabilities and/or use wheelchairs.

Walk Chicago Tours
Local company creates custom, fully accessible tours for people with disabilities or mobility issues. Tours can be adjusted to any pace. They openly solicit the disabled and physically impaired  to meet their individual needs.

Wendella Tours & Cruises
Offering cruise and boating tours fully accessible for people with disabilities or mobility issues that leave from Chicago docks.

Wilderness Inquiry- Inclusive Outdoor Adventure Trips
Helping people of all abilities to safely adventure into the outdoors together in safe groups.
(612) 676-9400  MN

Wilderness on Wheels
Camping in wheelchairs with many options available such as huts, cabin, and tents.
Fishing and hiking, also available.
Located in Colorado. | (303) 403-1110

Indoor Summits Adventures
Offering a wide array of outdoor adventure trips.
303 E. 17th Street
Lockport, IL. 60441
Tel: 630-357-3633


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