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Listing: Respite Resources

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May 23, 2023


This listing provides short term relief, otherwise known as 'respite services', for parents and caregivers when they are unable to care for their family member.


Home and Community-based Service Waiver Programs
The Medicaid Home and Community-Based Services (HCBS) waiver program is authorized in §1915(c) of the Social Security Act. The program permits a state to furnish an array of home and community-based services that assist Medicaid beneficiaries to live in the community and avoid institutionalization. The State has broad discretion to design its waiver program to address the needs of the waivers target population. Waiver services complement and/or supplement the services that are available to participants through the Medicaid State plan and other federal, state and local public programs as well as the supports that families and communities provide.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) recognizes that the design and operational features of a waiver program will vary depending on the specific needs of the target population, the resources available to the state, service delivery system structure, state goals and objectives, and other factors. A State has the latitude to design a waiver program that is cost-effective and employs a variety of service delivery approaches, including participant direction of services.


Arch-National Respite Network & Resource Center

Arch-National Respite Network and Resource Center assists and promotes the development of quality respite and crisis care programs, helping families locate respite and crisis care services, and serve as a strong voice for respite in all forums.
The ARCH-NRN is a division of the Chapel Hill Training-Outreach Project, Inc.
Corporate Headquarters
800 Eastowne Dr., Suite 105
Chapel Hill, North Carolina 27514

Illinois Family Caregivers Support Program


Department of Health and Human Services: Home Services Program

100 South Grand Avenue
Springfield, Illinois 62762

401 South Clinton Street
Chicago, Illinois 60607
Hotline phone number: 1-800-843-6154


AARP-Home and Family Caregiving

601 E. Street, NW
Washington DC, 20049


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