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Listing: National Caregiver Organizations

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Feb 6, 2023


A caregiver can be a family member, partner, friend or paid home health care worker who provides daily care so that a person with a disability can continue to live at home. Caregiving has many shapes and forms, as do persons who provide caregiving and persons who require caregiving. Whether you are a person receiving care or a person providing care, it is important to:

* Be informed – listen to each other and share information.
* Get connected – develop support systems that expand beyond caregiving and care receiving relationship.
* Be inspired – embrace the world around you and your contribution to it.

A number of national, regional, and local organizations address the needs of caregivers. Each of these provides a source of support in daily activities.

This list is not an indication of an organization's quality and it does not imply an endorsement from the Shirley Ryan AbilityLab.


National Family Caregiver Support Program
Direct: (202) 401-4634
330 C St SW
Washington, DC 20201 

Caregiver Action Network
1150 Connecticut Ave., Suite 501
Washington, DC 20036-3904

Family Caregiver Alliance
101 Montgomery Street, Suite 2150
San Francisco, CA 94104

Family Voices
P.O. Box 37188
Albuquerque, MN 87176

Well Spouse Association
63 West main Street, Suite H
Freehold, NJ 07728


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Listing: National Caregiver Organizations

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