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This listing of supply vendors sell products to assist in bathing, eating, dressing, toileting and moving from place to place with the assistance of lifts, elevators, mobility aids such crutches, canes, wheelchair lifts, van lifts, and ramps.

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Ramps & Lifts


101 Mobility
A large outfitting of indoor, outdoor, and automotive customizations for accessibility solutions: ramps, lifts, elevators, rails, and scooters. Rent or buy.
Phone: 888-258-0652 

Access Unlimited
Lifts for home, auto, and bathtub
800-849-2143 https://www.accessunlimited.com/

Active Forever
Bath safety, braces, impotence, incontinence, mobility.
800-377-8033 https://www.activeforever.com/

Purchase or Rent a ramp Serving Illinois and Wisconsin including: Chicago, Aurora, Rockford, IL, and Madison, WI. Amramp provides wheelchair ramps, stair lifts and vertical platform lifts.
888-715-7598 https://www.amramp.com/franchises/chicago-illinois/

Altimate Medical: EasyStand - standing adaptive equipment
unsurpassed standing technology for those with disabilities.
800-342-8968 https://easystand.com/

Barrier Free Architecturals, Inc
Accessible showers, shower seats, pans, walk in tubs and showers.
1-877-717-7027 https://www.barrierfree.org/

Bild - Bridgeway Independent Living Designs
Ramps, stair lifts, custom bath fitting, bed lifts.
(888) 482-2453 Email: info@bildnow.com

Bruno Independent Living Aids
Stair lifts, vehicle lifts, and other equipment
1-800-454-4355 https://www.bruno.com/

EHLS: Elevators, Lifts, Ramps, and Home Modification
Serving Chicago, NW Indiana, and SE WI
847-610-6873 https://www.ehls.com/chicagoland/

Ramps, Lifts, door openers
877-740-0698 https://www.ezaccess.com/

Home, yard, and safety ramps
800-876-7267 https://www.handiramp.com/

National Seating and Mobility * Access
Bath safety, lifts, ramps, chairs, scooters, and more.
630-283-7291 https://accessnsm.com/

Performance Health
From therapy to sports performance - walkers, aids, transfers, fall prevention, OT, PT, RN. 
800-323-5547 https://www.performancehealth.com/

Ramp Now
Chicagoland ramps for home, auto, and commercial use.
Call 877-700-7267 https://www.rampnow.com/

SureHands Lift & Care Systems
Lift and care systems for home and clinical use.
800-724-5305 https://www.surehands.com/


Home Medical Supply


ABC Medical Supply
Urological supplies
833-235-6887 https://www.abc-med.com

WS&S Medical
urological supplies, rehabilitation equipment, 
wheelchairs and aids to everyday living.  WS&S Medical is owned, managed and staffed with men and women with disabilities.

Apria Direct
CPAP, diabetes, incontinence, oxygen outfitters
800-780-1508 https://www.apriadirect.com/

Hayat Home Medical Equipment
CPAP and sleep aids
708-422-2300 https://www.hhme.com/

HME Home Medical Express
Chicago's oxygen, cpap and general supply delivery

Size Wise
Hospital bedding and furniture, pressure injury prevention tools
800-814-9389 https://sizewise.com/products

Elder Depot
Grab bars, Bath, hospital bedding, mobility aids, and caregiver’s aids.
(800) 910-7790 https://www.elderdepot.com/customer/home.php

Luna Medical: Compression therapy products for lymphatic and venous disorders
(800) 380-4339 https://www.lunamedical.com/

Tactile Medical
At home therapy devices that treat Lymphedema and chronic venous insufficiency.
(612) 355.5100 https://tactilemedical.com/

Van Driels
Medical Support Wear
(847) 253.1028 https://vandrielsmedical.com/

Medical Equipment Aids


Hospital Direct Medical Equip. Beds
reconditioned lifts, hospital beds
(858) 263-4894 https://www.1hospitalbeds.com/

Hurry Cane/Hurry Roll
canes and walking aids
800-942-9102 https://www.hurrycane.com/

Just Walkers
888-986-0660 https://justwalkers.com/

Vest that assists in lifting persons with mobility problems
1-800-300-5671 https://liftvest.com/



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