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Listing: Adapted Clothing and Shoe Vendors

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Having clothing that works with you, is comfortable, functional and holds value is the foundation of good fashion, no matter what your needs are. Here is a list of fashionable and functional clothing that will adapt to a variety of needs for people in wheelchairs and other mobility considerations.

ABL Denim
ABL Denim makes jeans for people with limited mobility or dexterity and sensory processing issues. Fashion and function for men, women, and children
Phone: 310-871-8145

Able2wear Ltd
the UK's leading supplier of wheelchair and adaptive clothing for all ages and all degrees of ability
UK phone: 01417753738

Adaptations by Adrian
Phone: (760) 744-3565

Buck & Buck
Families and caregivers nationwide rely on Buck & Buck for adaptive clothing that can make dressing easier for a loved one
Phone: 1-800-458-0600

Gloves For Life
A small family owned business that makes these beautiful and attractive gloves for people with Quadriplegia (Quads) and others with limited  dexterity in all colors.
Phone: 540-343-1697

No Limbits
No Limbits is an adaptive clothing brand with the mission of increasing comfort, confidence, and independence in the 30 million people in the US who struggle with clothing due to a disability or sensory challenge.

Personal Touch Health Care Apparel, Inc.
Phone: 1-888-626-1703

Rackety’s Ltd.
clothing for adults and children.
Phone in UK - 44-0115986-9000

Ross Daniel
Clothing Solutions for Adaptive Needs
Phone: 516-375-0002

Silvert’s Adaptive Clothing & Footwear
Adaptive Clothing and Footwear for People with Disabilities & Seniors
Phone: 1-800-387-7088

Specially for You, Inc.
Phone: 605-765-9396

Tommy Hilfiger Adaptive Line

Zappos Adaptive Fashions and Footwear
Customer service: 1-800-927-7671



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