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Each of the centers below provides an array of health, fitness, and sports programs for people with physical disabilities. Contact each center directly to identify programs. All centers have fitness equipment that is accessible to people with disabilities.


Adaptive Sports and Fitness Center SRALab
312-238-5001 or sports@sralab.org
541 North Fairbanks Mezzanine
Chicago, IL 60611
United States

Chicago Park District

(312) 742-7529
Chicago Park District has 66 new/improved fitness centers, of which 22 have ADA accessible equipment.

City of Chicago Department of Family & Support Services

The City of Chicago offers a Fitness Plus Community Exercise program in 30 neighborhood locations. For more information,

Galter Life Center
(773) 673-9873
located on the campus of Northwestern, certified Medical Fitness Center

Turnstone Health and Fitness Center
260) 483-2100

Love Your Brain-Yoga and Meditation Center

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Henry B. Betts LIFE Center – (312) 238-5433



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