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Caregiver's Guide to Stroke Recovery, The


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Sep 1, 2021


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Learn how to care for a loved one after a stroke, and care for yourself, too A stroke changes the life of more than just the survivor. Becoming a caregiver for a stroke patient means increased responsibilities, hard decisions, and new emotional stresses--especially when the patient is a loved one. This stroke recovery book will help you through these challenging times with knowledge, compassionate guidance, and reaffirming stroke rehabilitation anecdotes. pink and green book coverTopics such as medications and treatments, financial and legal decisions, and work-life balance are also covered, as well as: Understanding stroke--Discover the signs and symptoms of a stroke, explained in layperson's terms, as well as the steps to prevent a stroke from occurring. Care and recovery--Find helpful advice to restore the best health and function possible and be an advocate for a stroke patient with doctors and their support team. Caring for yourself--Uncover practical tips, guidance, and resources for supporting a caregiver's mental and physical health, which are just as important to patient recovery. Ease the challenges on your shared path to healing through The Caregiver's Guide to Stroke Recovery.

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