Associate Board


Associate Board


The Associate Board  is composed of a group of emerging civic and business leaders who volunteer and raise funds and awareness for Shirley Ryan AbilityLab, the "#1 Rehabilitation Hospital in America"* since 1991.  continues to be the benefit the  Associate Board members appreciate most.

The board provides an opportunity to network and forming lasting relationships that often extend outside Board activities. Members also have an opportunity to showcase talents and interests in planning fundraising events and organizing volunteer activities, all while helping our patients.  For more information, download the PDF below with more Associate Board information or scroll down for answers to some of our Frequently Asked Questions. 

Executive Members


President: Carly Carynski
Vice President (2): Michael Khuans & Nick Schaefer
Secretary: Genevieve Dolan
Treasurer: Dennis Connolly
Prospective Membership (2):  Andrew Cardillo and Ashley Scott
Membership Enrichment: Jennifer Fernandez



Maureen Andersen
Matt Antolini
Kage Brown
Eunice Buhler
Andrew Cardillo
Carly Carynski
Nathan Chambery
Kristina Chapman
Meg Chrisman
David Connelly
Dennis Connolly
Brian Dennen
Jack Deroche
Caroline Dolan
Genevieve Dolan
Sangeeta Driver
Cory Ehrenberg
Joellen Emmerick
Jennifer Fernandez
Ted Fournier
Jordan Freedman
Neal Goss
Charles Hartman
Bradley Heit
Stephen Hiatt-Leonard
Kevin Hull
Kirsten Hull
Sophie Kaplan
Megan Kerbs
Michael Khuans
Nicollette Khuans
Karlie Koepke
Constantine Koutsoubas
DJ Laux
Gwen Ledford
Garrett Lessem
Dylan Lingelbach
Breanne Littleton
Nancy Lowenthal
Clare Marlin
Rachel Mayuga
Liz McCarthy
David Meyers
Amy Mikel
Jason Miller
Thomas Muck
Megan Noonan
Mariam Pare
Alexandra Potter
Punam Rahman
Sara Reyes
Corbett Ryan
Nick Schaefer
Ashley Scott
Tony Seaman
Joshua Singewald
Andrew Solar
Barrett Stephan
Micheal Swan
Trisha Tesmer
Chelsea Toth
Ryan Vilnius
Matt Wesley
Charlie Yorke
Brian Zmarlicki

Board FAQs


How do I join the Associate Board?
The Associate Board welcomes those interested in joining the board to attend one of its business meetings or many events to learn more about the group.
To request a membership application or additional information, please contact or 312-238-6209

How often does the Associate Board meet?
Full Associate Board meetings are held at Shirley Ryan AbilityLab each spring and fall. There are also monthly event committee meetings and various social gatherings throughout the year, including summer and winter holiday celebrations and the Board's fundraising events Art in Motion.

How do I purchase tickets for Associate Board annual fundraising events?
Call 312-238-7693 for ticket information for Art in Motion

Where are philanthropic contributions to the Associate Board distributed?
The Associate Board directs its contributions to the hospitals Pediatric and Adolescent Program, Pediatric Charity Care and art therapy programs through the Therapeutic Recreation Program. Make a donation here.

What are the expectations of Associate Board members?
Associate Board members are asked to attend the spring and fall business meetings, volunteer at Shirley Ryan AbilityLab and Associate Board events, serve on Associate Board committees and make an annual dues contribution in the amount of $250. The annual dues contribution includes admission to the summer and holiday socials.



If you are interested in joining or learning more about the Associate Board, please contact or 312-238-6209. 

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