Presentations for both staff and the public occur at the Donnelley Ethics


Ethics & Educational Activities




The Donnelley Ethics Program provides a variety of educational activities for AbilityLab staff as well as members of the general public. Please contact us if you would like to know more about scheduling an educational session.

Educational Seminars
Educational seminars for AbilityLab employees focus on the ethical dilemmas that health care providers and researchers face. Topics for seminars arise from staff suggestions and from issues raised with the Donnelley Ethics Program.

Schwartz Center Rounds® and Ethics Grand Rounds
Schwartz Center Rounds® are an opportunity for AbilityLab employees to come together to discuss the emotional aspects of caregiving. The Donnelley Ethics Program hosts Schwartz Rounds every other month, and with over 175 attendees per Rounds, it is one of the most popular activities for staff. The Donnelley Ethics Program also hosts quarterly Ethics Grand Rounds through Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine’s Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation. The Ethics Grand Rounds feature a presentation on a specific ethical issue or concept.

In partnership with the AbilityLab Academy, the Donnelley Ethics Program creates and delivers webinars on relevant ethical issues for both RIC and external audiences.

Research and Publications
Members of the Donnelley Ethics Program engage in research on a number of bioethics topics, and publish articles and present papers in various venues. The Donnelley Ethics Program strives to promote thoughtful examination of the moral questions surrounding disability, health care, and research, with both AbilityLab and the community at large.

Medical Student Education
As part of their Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation clinical rotation, Northwestern Feinberg medical students are educated on Disability and Rehabilitation Ethics by the Donnelley Ethics Program.

Journal Clubs
The Donnelley Ethics Program leads the Current Controversies in Research Ethics journal club, in which researchers and clinicians are invited to discuss the ethical issues arising from an article concerning contemporary research topics written about in the popular press. The Donnelley Ethics Program also partners with a resident physician on

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