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All sign request should be submitted by noon on Thursday the week prior to the desired run date. All content will be reviewed by Marketing and PR and maybe be modified to fit the sign layout and space available.

Please provide your SRAlab or other professional email address.
Public spaces like the Cafe & Sky Lobby
Patient-facing screens on the 23, 24 & 25 floors
Patient-facing screens on 21 & 22 floors
Patient-facing screens on 19 & 20 floors
Patient-facing screens on 18th floor
Clinical, research and business admin-facing screens
Patient-facing screens on the 15th Floor waiting area, Imaging waiting area, CBM waiting area, etc.
12th floor conference rooms & Academy screens
Are there any special notes about the contents of this sign? For example, do you have an image that you'd like to include? Or does an event recur?
Type of Message?
A general announcement or update
A positive quote from a patient, family or other member of the community
An event or activity
Quote Giver Type
PR will follow up with all submitted patient quotes to get required consent
Email or phone for patient/community follow up only
For current or former patient follow up only
Please provide a short description of this event.  Marketing may edit this text to have the content fit in the sign template.
Is Event Already on the Website
Is there anything else you'd like you audience to know about this event. For example, is this a reoccurring event? Or is there a specific subset of an audience that this event most applies to?
Is Study or Trial Already on the Website
Have you already entered this study or trial in the Content Management System?
Please copy and paste the URL for the trial so Marketing can gather the other information needed for this sign. 
Please share a few bullet points to help the reader be identify whether or not they might be eligible for this study or trial.