How We Heal

Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy (VRT) includes gaze stabilization, balance retraining and canal repositioning. We bring together experts with access to the best research and technology to provide you with the best results.

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Brain Innovation Center

This Center is designed for the care of diverse conditions and promotes brain healing by providing the world’s best medical & nursing supported by our research.

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Legs + Walking Lab

The Margaret & Mark Stephan Legs + Walking Lab is designed for patients and research participants with diagnoses affecting lower-body function due to brain or spinal cord injury and diseases of the nerves, muscles and bones. Researchers and clinicians focus on advancing trunk, pelvic and leg function, movement, coordination, strength and balance.

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Strength + Endurance Lab

Designed for patients and research participants working on building stamina and resilience, the Nancy W. Knowles Strength + Endurance Lab is where therapy is targeted to improve complex motor and endurance activities, coordination and higher-level activities of daily living (cooking, dressing, gardening, sports).

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Our doctors are the best in their fields — experienced and creative in solving unique problems.

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Science-Driven Care

With more than 350 clinical studies under way, we offer you access to the world’s most advanced therapeutic techniques and research that can directly impact your outcome.

Computerized Motion Analysis Laboratory

This lab offers this sophisticated gait assessment through the use of specialized cameras, computer technology captures and measures muscle activity.

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