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Our Programs and Technology

We are continually exploring and testing new technology and therapies to help address the effects of aphasia. See what sets us apart and how our team of experts can help you continue to improve.

Intensive therapy programs look at the underlying cause of aphasia

Aphasia Therapy Programs & Classes

Whether you're seeking conversation support or an intensive therapy program, our team can offer the support you need to improve your communication skills.

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Courtney walking up stairs

A Bright Future Following a Traumatic Brain Injury

Kathy heard the words all parents dread: “There’s nothing we can do; prepare for the worst," after her daughter was struck by a drunk driver.

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Speech Language clinicians work with patients on speech patterns

Aphasia Software

Oral Reading for Language in Aphasia (ORLA®) and AphasiaScripts® a person with aphasia repeatedly reads sentences out loud, together with a speech therapist.

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Learn more at the Center for Aphasia Research & Treatment

How We Heal

Inpatients receive world-class care in our Innovation Center from clinicians who specialize in treating the brain; the real “work” of rehabilitation takes place in our Think + Speak Ability Lab.

Science-Driven Care

With more than 350 clinical studies underway, access to the world’s best research directly impacts your recovery.

Center for Aphasia Research & Treatment

The Center for Aphasia Research & Treatment was created in 2001 to respond to the challenge of living with aphasia.

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Clinical Trials & Research Studies


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Time Distribution of Computer-Based Script Training in Aphasia

Clinical trial for computer-based script training for patients with aphasia.

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Our Clinicians

Our team of experts are committed to increasing your ability to communicate with your friends, coworkers and family.

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