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Computerized Motion Analysis Frequently Asked Questions




Does motion analysis hurt?
None of the tests performed at the clinical Computerized Motion Analysis should cause any pain. Some individuals say the adhesive tape used to attach reflective markers and electrodes to the skin feels uncomfortable or weird. If you experience any pain, please let the staff know immediately.

How long will my appointment last?
It depends upon the tests prescribed by your referring physician, but most appointments last between three and four hours.

What happens if my insurance company does not grant a pre-approval for motion analysis?
Contact the CMA staff at (312) 238-1447. A letter of medical necessity and/or appeal to your insurance company may be submitted on your behalf.  Alternative payment methods and/or testing procedures might also be an option.

I have a prescription for new orthotics or an assistive device. How does this affect my motion analysis?
Please discuss this with your referring physician. He or she may want you to reschedule the appointment for a few weeks after the patient receives his or her new orthotics or assistive device.

What happens if I am sick on the day my appointment or have recently had a medical procedure?
Please contact the our team at (312) 238-1447 to reschedule your appointment. It is important that information collected during your motion analysis reflects the patient's typical walking and movement patterns.

When will my referring physician receive the results from my motion analysis?
After processing all of the information collected during your motion analysis, the staff will meet to review your study and make recommendations. A final written report and CD will be distributed to your referring physician approximately five to six weeks after your appointment.

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