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Catastrophic Inpatient Rehabilitation





Our nearly 60 board-certified physiatrists and teams of physical & occupational therapists,  speech-language pathologists, psychologists, vocational rehab counselors and other specialists ensure your clients with catastrophic injuries make their best recovery. 

When dealing with workers with catastrophic injury, experience is important.  Treating more than 5,000 inpatients a year - from TBI, SCI, amputations, and burns or wounds - Shirley Ryan AbilityLab has an extraordinary breadth and depth of experience that we bring to every patient we see. 

We work with you, your clients, and their families to set goals, bring leading-edge research and best practices to patient care, and offer a wide range of specialized services. 

We’ll keep you informed and involved, and work with you to tailor our services to your specific needs and  your clients at every stage of rehabilitation, coordinating goals and treatments as patients make progress and always providing the most appropriate services.

Catastrophic Early Access Program


The Catastrophic Early Access Program is our innovative approach to minimizing delays and maximizing recovery for catastrophically injured workers.  With our specially trained Clinical liaisons working with other acute care hospitals and LTACH locations throughout Chicagoland, we are positioned to expedite and facilitate the planning and execution of each recovery strategy.

Return-to-Work Program


The Shirley Ryan AbilityLab’s Return-to-Work Program is an intense and comprehensive program designed to get your client back to work, in their previous occupation or a new one. We’ll visit and assess your client’s worksite, design creative solutions for meeting work goals, and work closely with the case manager, the employer, and the family.

A Second Opinion


How are your long-term clients with spinal cord injuries doing? Every year brings advances in therapies, technologies, and community resources that could help. Our Second Look Program offers people with all levels of spinal cord injuries a comprehensive medical evaluation and care management update, to help them achieve the best life possible.

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