John walking again after multiple brain and spinal cord injuries

Patient Story

John's Journey to Walk Again

Posted By Allison Kessler, MD, MSc


Indiana resident John was out delivering pizza. When he was stopped at an intersection, he was broadsided. The other vehicle was travelling 60+ mph at the point of impact.

John sustained a major multiple trauma with brain and spinal cord injuries. He was transferred to Shirley Ryan AbilityLab under the care of Allison Kessler, MD, MSc, and was not walking upon arrival. Immediately following the accident, John’s trauma team said that he might never be able to walk again or reach his hands over his head.

Just one month into his rehabilitation at Shirley Ryan AbilityLab, John was able to do both. He began to walk without assistance — and right into the arms of his 10-year-old son. He progressed so well that he didn’t need DayRehab and completed his therapy as an outpatient.


Watch the video above to see John's progress and journey towards recovery under the care of Dr. Allison Kessler, Md, MSc, Section Chief for the Shirley Ryan AbilityLab Renée Crown Center for Spinal Cord Innovation.

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