Ethan and his wife overcome the life change of limb loss

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Renewed Vigor Following a Quadruple Amputation

Posted By Meg Washburn

“At RIC, I was able to work on muscle groups that I hadn’t used in nearly a year.”


Ethan Menges was enjoying his work as a healthcare consultant after graduating from Northwestern University. Then, in January 2015, an infection led to a life-changing outcome.

“One minute I was at the Bulls game, and the next I was on life support, “said Ethan.

Treatments to save Ethan’s life resulted in a loss of blood flow to his limbs and a subsequent quadruple amputation. That fall, Ethan arrived at RIC under the care of Mark Huang, MD, where he spent several hours each day in both physical and occupational therapy. In these sessions, he worked to regain his strength and relearn once routine and automated daily activities that most take for granted.

“At RIC, I was able to work on muscle groups that I hadn’t used in nearly a year,” said Ethan. “I had an opportunity to practice everyday skills, from cooking grilled cheese sandwiches to shopping for groceries in downtown Chicago.”Ethan Menges. He was also fitted for and trained to use prosthetics. In just over ten days following his arrival at RIC, Ethan was walking.  

By Christmas, he was ready to go home, but not without a personal mission to raise awareness about people with disabilities.And, just this month, Ethan married the love of his life, Jordan, in front of his friends and family.

“Everything I went through taught me to approach life with renewed vigor,” he said. “I hope my story inspires others and reminds them of what’s possible.”

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