Dr. Monica Perez on the cover of The Physiologist Magazine


The Physiologist Magazine Highlights Dr. Monica Perez’s Research on Speeding SCI Recovery in Cover Story Feature


The March 2023 issue of The Physiologist Magazine featured a cover story on the groundbreaking Shirley Ryan AbilityLab researcher Monica Perez, PT, PhD, scientific chair, Harris Family Foundation Arms + Hands Lab.

The article — entitled “Hope and Healing” — describes Dr. Perez’s career-spanning research to help speed recovery for patients with spinal cord injuries.

The protocol that Dr. Perez and her team currently are testing uses individualized regimens of precisely targeted and timed electrical and magnetic stimulation followed by physical therapy. The results have been clear and impressive.

“We have a couple of individuals who have completed 120 sessions with us, and we haven’t seen their improvement plateau yet. This is very promising,” Dr. Perez said. 

And, she said, the patients know it’s working.

“When I discuss the results with them, I don’t need to show them their recordings; they feel stronger and know they have improved in functioning,” she said. “You feel like you can make an impact, like your scientific efforts are applied and making a difference.”

The Physiologist Magazine is an official bimonthly publication of the American Physiological Society.

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