Jaya Fever


In the News: Former Patient Jaya Profiled by ABC Des Moines


The ABC affiliate TV station in Des Moines recently profiled former Shirley Ryan AbilityLab patient Jaya Fever. In December 2022, Jaya — then a high school senior — was in a car accident that left her with a traumatic brain injury. 

Before the crash, Jaya had planned to go to college and pursue her love of art. After the crash, she faced the reality that she might never be able to use her hands again. But, after months of rehabilitation at Shirley Ryan AbilityLab, Jaya walked across the stage at her high school graduation — at which she received a standing ovation.

Now continuing three-times-a-week therapy in Iowa, Jaya was one of the featured artists at Shirley Ryan Ability Lab's Art in Motion 2024 fundraiser and hopes to become a therapist for other people who have traumatic brain injuries.

Jaya’s page in the Art in Motion program book

“Nobody can make your progress, your steps, for you. You have to be willing and motivated enough to do it yourself,” she said. 

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