Dr. Allison Kessler


Dr. Allison Kessler Profiled in Chicago Medicine Magazine


Allison Kessler, MD, section chief, Renée Crown Center for Spinal Cord Innovation, Shirley Ryan AbilityLab, was profiled in the cover story of Chicago Medicine magazine’s February 2024 issue.

Chicago Magazine Cover

In the article, Dr. Kessler discussed biases that can hamper treatment of individuals with impairments, and how healthcare can be made more accessible for this patient population.

“The first thing is that we physicians need to recognize that we all have internal biases, and that we need to work to counteract them. Second, many physicians feel that they didn’t get adequate training in how to care for a person with a disability,” she said. “There are structural issues, too, like how care is reimbursed, so there are financial pressures, and literacy issues and physical barriers. It isn’t just one thing.”

Chicago Medicine is a monthly publication of Chicago Medical Society and Medical Society of Cook County.

Read the full Chicago Medicine Magazine’s February 2024 Issue.

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