Dr. Monica Rho


CBS's Mission Unstoppable Features Dr. Monica Rho


The CBS show Mission Unstoppable with Miranda Cosgrove recently featured Monica Rho, MD, chief, Musculoskeletal Medicine. In the piece, Dr. Rho explains how she became interested in physiatry and sports medicine, and what a physiatrist does.


"Physiatrists essentially work on the function of people and they improve function across all different abilities. That will range from taking care of elite athletes like I do, to taking care of people who have had a neurologic issue like a stroke or a spinal cord injury or a traumatic brain injury," Dr. Rho said. "That's was a physiatrist does -- we try to get people back to living their life."

Dr. Rho discussed several rehabilitation technologies such as an anti-gravity treadmill and body-weight supporting harness that allows patients regaining their ability to walk to practice going up stairs.


"Walking is an essential function that a lot of people really want to get back to, particularly after a devastating injury. This helps people get back a sense of normalcy when they are trying to learn how to walk again," Dr. Rho said.

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