In the News: Amplitude Magazine Interviews Dr. Levi Hargrove About Department of Defense Grant


Amplitude Magazine Interviews Dr. Levi Hargrove About Department of Defense-Funded Research on Neurally Controlled Bionic Legs


Amplitude — a magazine targeted toward the limb-loss community — has published an interview with Levi Hargrove, PhD, director, Regenstein Foundation Center for Bionic Medicine, Shirley Ryan AbilityLab, on his research into neurally controlled bionic legs using osseointegration.


Funded by the Department of Defense, this research “integrates boundary-pushing approaches in surgical technique, prosthesis design, and neuromuscular (EMG) signal-processing” into a prosthesis that is “lighter, more comfortable and easier to use than anything currently available.”

The study is the first to combine osseointegration, targeted muscle reinnervation (TMR) and pattern-recognition control to operate a fully powered bionic leg prosthesis.

“We’re using TMR to gather EMG information and send it to the powered legs. Our hypothesis is that, by not having a socket, we’re going to be able to collect much higher-quality EMG signals from the muscle, and this should provide significant clinical benefits when using the powered legs,” said Dr. Hargrove. “Step-over-step stair climbing is one example. Or using a powered ankle to provide push-off while you’re walking quickly or upslope. Sit-to-stand transfers as well. So, it’s the combination of the power leg with the really clean EMG control signals that we think will be game-changing.”

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