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At Home Workout: PWR!Moves Exercises


PWR!Moves Exercise is specifically designed to help individuals diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease to use exercise for symptom management. This class will utilize exercises that target four foundational skills shown by research to impact everyday mobility (tall posture, weight shifting, trunk mobility and stepping). This routine is based on 4 PWR!Moves:

  • PWR! UP – Antigravity Extension
  • PWR! ROCK – Weight shifting
  • PWR! TWIST – Axial mobility
  • PWR! STEP – Transitional movement training

The goal of this program is to use exercise to slow, halt or reverse disease progression. You will use a combination of seated or standing exercises that emphasize high-intensity, exaggerated movement and address postural awareness, balance, strength, flexibility, breathing and vocal expression. 

This routine may help improve your posture and reduce rigidity. It may also make daily activities such as getting out of bed, getting into a car and picking things up off the floor easier and more efficient. 

Tips & Modifications


  • All exercises in the video can be accomplished in a seated or standing position. Remember to sit or stand with a wide base of support (feet wider than your hips) and proper posture (chin up, straight spine, abdomen tight, pelvis neutral, shoulders over the hips).
  • If at any time you feel pain, stop the exercise, re-establish your posture and try the exercise again. If you continue to feel pain, stop or skip the exercise completely - do not continue with repetitions if the exercise continues to cause pain. 
  • Focus on completion of each repetition and finish exercises with “BIG” posture.
  • Focus on exaggerated movements and a LOUD voice.
  • Make sure your eyes follow your hands, both in rotation and reaching exercises.
  • Open your hands and extend fingers as much as possible for each repetition.

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