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At Home Workout: Flex-ability Stretching Class


The Flex-ability home program is a brief full-body seated stretch routine for all participants. The goal of this exercise routine is to help people safely improve functional range of motion in all major joints.

 This stretch routine will allow participants to maintain the flexibility needed to perform many basic and instrumental activities of daily life, promote better posture, reduce joint pain, and decrease the risk of injury.

Tips & Modifications


  • If at any time you feel pain, stop the stretch, re-establish your posture and try the stretch again. If pain persists, skip the stretch completely.
  • A stretch should evoke mild discomfort, NOT pain. As musculature tolerance increases, you may gradually increase the range of the stretch.
  • While performing each stretch, be mindful of your posture and make an effort to maintain proper form.
  • After each exercise, regain the correct posture with back off the chair, feet flat on the floor, knees hip width apart, engage abdominal muscles, chest tall, shoulder blades pulled back, and head in neutral with chin tucked.
  • For additional visual cueing try sitting in front of a mirror for feedback.
  • If you have anatomical limitations, perform the stretch to the best of your ability in what you feel to be a safe manner.
  • If you have hemiparesis, you can follow the stretches as instructed on your non-affected side and then use your non-affected side to assist stretching your affected side.
  • The Flex-ability routine will be more effective when performed regularly, it is encouraged to perform this routine 3-5 days a week.

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