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At Home Workout: Boxing


This boxing routine is intended to work primarily on upper body strength and endurance, posture, coordination and balance. These exercises can be performed either sitting or standing. For those able to complete it standing, it will challenge your stepping, weight shifting and multi-limb coordination.

This exercise routine is geared towards quicker movements intended to increase your heart rate and receive a cardiovascular workout. If completing the routine is easy, try adding lightweight dumbbells or weighted objects in your hands to increase the intensity. The objective is to take the elements of boxing, and create a fun, engaging work out. 

Tips & Modifications


  • All exercises in the video are demonstrated in a standing position, but can be accomplished in a seated position as well. If you choose to do these exercises seated, remember to keep tall posture, with your feet hip-to-shoulder width apart, and your knees bent.
  • If at any time you feel pain, dizziness, or shortness of breath, stop the exercise, re-establish your posture and try the exercise again, but reduce the speed, range of motion (ROM), or stop using weight. If it persists, skip the exercise completely -- do not continue with repetitions if the exercise continues to cause any of the above. 
  • If one side is stronger than the other, modify the combinations so that your stronger side performs the “Cross and Uppercut”, and your other hand performs the “Jab and Hook”. 
  • To change the intensity of the exercises, you can modify weight used, modify the speed of the combinations, or both. Just make sure you do so slowly and pay attention to how you are feeling throughout, in case you need to modify.
  • Remember to try and keep a consistent target to help with balance, and to make sure you have more control over where all punches start and end. 
  • Remember to breathe throughout

Weights & Equipment


  • This routine does not require the use of weights, but if you have any dumbbells or other objects available, such as a bottle of water or cans of soup/vegetables, you can use those to increase the intensity. 
  • You can also use a target if available, but make sure to protect your hands from any abrasive surfaces.

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