Adaptive Yoga class 1


Foundations of Adaptive Yoga: Part 1


The research backs it up: the benefits of yoga are boundless!

Regular yoga practice has been shown to improve strength, balance and flexibility, and also decrease stress, anxiety and pain. This class is an introduction to all that yoga can do for you.

Whether you are an experienced yogi or this is your first yoga class, use a wheelchair for mobility, or walk with a device, this class will guide you through yoga poses that are modified for any ability level.


Throughout this class, I cue several variations and modifications for each pose. You are the expert of your body, so please feel empowered to follow the cues and guidance that suits you, stay where you are, or skip what doesn’t feel right for your body.

Before you begin, gather your props:

  • Pillow
  • Yoga block or large book
  • Strap or a gait belt or long clothing belt
  • Yoga mat or thick padded surface
  • Chair or stabilizing surface such as a nearby countertop

Please note, this class is intended to be taken several times. This repetition allows you to improve and challenge yourself. When you feel that you are ready for a more challenging practice, check out Foundations of Adaptive Yoga: Part 2.