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Fix Your Quarantine Sleep Schedule

Posted By Muhibb Sadiq, DPT


Many of us are forced to stay home right now, which means more screen time, social media and videos. You might find yourself sleeping later or waking up groggy. Sleep is like any healthy habit: consistency is key. Here are some quick tips doctors and healthcare professionals recommend on improving the quality of your sleep, and boosting your productivity the next day:

Set a specific bedtime in your mind


Doing so gives your brain and body some mental feedback on when to start winding down.

If possible, don’t work or watch TV in bed


If you make your bed a sleep-only zone, when you lie down to fall asleep, the absence of stimulation allows your brain to relax.

Avoid or limit eating two hours before bedtime


You don’t want to force your digestive system to work when your body is trying to unwind.

Set an alert/alarm that sounds one hour before bed


  • Turn off or avoid using all phone/tablet/computer devices during this time. The use of electronics before going to bed stimulates the brain and disrupts sleep cycles.
  • Start to dim lights and limit interruptions. These behavioral and sensory changes also cue your brain and body that you’re ready to sleep.

Calm your mind through meditation, stretching, focused breathing or prayer


Choose a mindfulness activity (only needs to be 2-3 minutes) that lets you separate your mind from stress. I pray before going to bed, which is yet another cue to my body that I’m prepared to drift off to sleep.

Be consistent!


The more you keep a “bedtime routine,” the more your brain and body can recognize when to shift gears.

Restorative sleep is one of the most important sources of healing and recovery for brain and body


A lot of hormonal and reparative processes occur during our deep-sleep cycles. Benefits include:

  • Lowering stress levels,
  • Repairing tissues, and
  • Improving responses to pain.

Optimizing sleep boosts the body’s ability to recover from injury or fatigue, stay healthy and mentally sharp, improve strength and manage stress. Maximize your sleep to maximize your health and energy!


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