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Inside Look: Go Baby Go Program

Posted By Megan Washburn

What is it?


  • Through Go Baby Go, battery-powered cars are retrofitted, enabling children to more easily explore their environments.
  • The cars are re-wired to start/stop with a push-button switch that the child uses to “drive” the car.
  • A special harness is installed to increase safety, allowing for personalized positioning for each child.
  • The program is designed for young children (typically three-years-old and under) who have trouble with mobility including sitting, crawling and walking.
  • It allows these toddlers to experience the physical and social benefits of mobility, empowering them to be part of the action at home and on the playground!

What are the benefits of this program?


This is a great way to offer an alternative form of mobility for children, allowing them to explore the world around! It also may lead to improvements in gross motor skill development.

What does involvement look like?


We first evaluate whether a child is appropriate for participation. If so, we engage in several on-site training sessions and provide a detailed, individualized instruction manual to the parents so that they can then purchase a car and make necessary electrical modifications. This process generally takes 3 – 4 physical therapy sessions, which are billed to insurance as PT appointments. Referral from a doctor is required for participation.

How can I schedule an appointment?


Contact the Shirley Ryan AbilityLab Pediatrics department at 312-238-1139.

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