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Anthony Rizzo Family Foundation Supports Pediatric Patient's New Customized Activity Chair


Last year, a rare brain tumor, left then-four-year-old Maggie unable to hold up her head, sit up or communicate.

Now, after a year of physical, occupational and speech therapy at Shirley Ryan AbilityLab, she engages in play, communicates, and interacts with songs and books. Maggie's next step is to start outpatient therapy and enroll in school.

Thanks to an Activity Chair provided by the Anthony Rizzo Family Foundation’s Hope44 Fund, Maggie will take on this new challenge with more independence. The Activity Chair is a customized device that assists with head and posture support, core strengthening, feeding, and sensory base play, and has designated space for communication and therapeutic devices. Also, because her Activity Chair is individually customized, Maggie will have it for years with room to grow and play! 

About the Anthony Rizzo Family Foundation's Hope 44 Fund


The Anthony Rizzo Family Foundation's Hope 44 Fund provides grants to families of Shirley Ryan AbilityLab's pediatric patients facing financial hardship resulting from a child’s treatment for cancer. Grant funds can be used for:

  • equipment fees (such as wheelchairs or adaptive technologies)
  • childcare for siblings or other family members
  • meals
  • parking
  • rent
  • utility bills
  • other needs that relieve families’ financial burdens while a child is receiving care