2023 Impact Report


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Behind our patients, there are hundreds of compassionate people dedicated to helping them, cheering them on and celebrating their successes. Thank you for being one of those people.

You’ve helped patients, like Lucy (pictured here and on the cover), with the most severe, complex conditions to recover lost abilities and return to full lives.

Lucy was just two years old when another vehicle hit her family’s car on a winter’s night, leaving her with a fractured femur, a spinal cord contusion and a large break between the base of her skull and first vertebra.

Despite her injuries, Lucy participated in therapy with enthusiasm and joy, an infectious smile always on her face. To her, it just felt like playing, and playing is what kids love and live for, after all.

Just like children, adults want to return to the activities and people they love.

In the 2023 Impact Report, you’ll learn how your generosity helps us treat the whole person — body, mind and spirit. Programs like adaptive sports and fitness, music and art therapy, peer mentoring and vocational training are just as important as physical and cognitive rehabilitation, but they aren’t covered by insurance. We rely on your kindness to offer this type of quality-of-life programming to the greatest number of patients.

Similarly, we depend on your forward-thinking and generosity to help support our breakthrough research that is Advancing Human Ability®.

We're proud to share everything you’ve made possible for our patients and their families this past year. Thank you for choosing to help them thrive.

Read on to see the difference we’ve made together.


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