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Adolescent Concussion Program






Concussions can cause significant disruption in the lives of adolescents. . Both the immediate and long term impact on physical and cognitive function can prevent your child from participating in school, sports or other activities. Our Adolescent Concussion Program provides a unique interdisciplinary treatment for post-concussive symptoms that have not resolved within four or more weeks and/or with acute medical management. Your interdisciplinary team may include:

  • Physical Therapists, who will address adolescent issues vestibular and balance deficits as needed, as well as return to physical activity
  • Occupational Therapists, who addresses pacing,  body mechanics and return to school issues
  • Psychologists, who help patients learn to cope with pain and changes in function,  teach relaxation tools, and counsel parents about how to help their adolescent function more effectively 
  • Speech Language Pathologists, who work with patients on improving cognitive functioning, including memory and concentration
  • Physician Specialist, who coordinates the team intervention and helps the patient and family understand the most effective approach to treating the problem

The team’s assessment will determine the need for a specific, post-concussion treatment program, which will involve the disciplines mentioned above. This functional approach to concussions and headaches is unique to our program. As a key part of this process, we address symptoms ranging from chronic headache, dizziness, nausea and decreased concentration, to more often overlooked signs, such as personality change or altered sleep patterns.

Our goal is to return patients to school full-time and sports or other activities.

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