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Because eating problems are often complex, Feeding Support Services helps patients & families whether difficulties are physical, behavioral or sensory in nature.  While we focus primarily on pediatric cases, our Feeding Support team can assist with the assessment and treatment of all patients. Conditions effected by feeding issues include: 

  • Pediatric Developmental Delay
  • Down Syndrome
  • Prolonged G-Tube Feedings
  • Sensory Aversions
  • Tracheostomy

Feeding Support Services staff is comprised of specialists from a variety of disciplines, including medicine, nursing, nutrition, psychology, speech therapy and occupational therapy. Together we develop a plan to improve your child's eating skills and maintain healthy growth. We may recommend the use of diagnostic technologies, such as videofluoroscopy and other radiographic studies.

Our pediatric Feeding Support Services treats patients up to 21 years old. While we are geared to helping children with serious eating difficulties, we can also recommend appropriate community resources for parents who are concerned about "picky eaters." 

Related Conditions

Feeding issues can be connected to many of the conditions & illness we see at AbilityLab. However, each case and cause is unique and requires a different strategies to get the desired outcome.

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