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Inside HCBS



Check out our new podcast series, Inside HCBS! Inside HCBS aims to bring together the perspectives and knowledge of researchers, advocates and policymakers as well as people who have lived experience with HCBS. Together, we will explore how people experience home and community-based services (HCBS) at the systems and individual levels, and brainstorm ways in which HCBS can be made more accessible and useful to all. We hope that this will be an informative resource for you!


Our first episode, "Kenny's World: Person-Centered Planning in Practice" is about Kenny and his provider agency, Marrakech, and how they partnered to make the necessary changes to Kenny's services so that they meet his goals and preferences. We explore themes related to paternalism and choice and control, community inclusion, and what success looks like when provider agencies deliver services and supports in a person-centered way.


You can find our first episode and keep track of our upcoming episodes on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts! Get started here:


Episode 1 - Kenny's World: Person-Centered Planning in Practice

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