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Rock Climbing


Outdoor Rock Climbing Trip

Start Time

Fri, Sep, 08 2017 - 8:00AM

End Time

Sun, Sep, 10 2017 - 4:00PM

Contact: Adaptive Adventures


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Adaptive Trip at Mississippi Palisades 2017


This climbing weekend is the 2nd annual outdoor event for the Midwest Adaptive Climbing Program.

It is open to anyone who has been participating in our indoor climbing clinics in the Madison, Milwaukee or Chicago areas. Participants will spend 2 days rock climbing (and possibly enjoying either cycling or kayaking) at Mississippi Palisades State Park and 2 nights camping in the park.

This outdoor trip will expand participants' knowledge of and experience with rock climbing and the outdoors by allowing individuals with physical impairments to ascend ropes and rock climb outside with the help of professional guides within a relatively safe environment. While we have a weekend agenda, each individual will be able to guide his/her own experience by climbing as much or as little as he/she is comfortable with. Participants may also have the opportunity to try kayaking and/or cycling as space allows. Rock climbing outdoors is inherently risky, but we will attempt to minimize that risk by employing safe practices and using all the necessary safety equipment. Certified guides and experienced volunteers will be there to help you throughout the weekend. If you need assistance with everyday tasks such as dressing and using the restroom, please plan to bring someone to help you throughout the weekend, as volunteers may not be able to help you with those things.


-Camping each night (with the option to have a campfire)

-Meals provided for breakfast, lunch and dinner on Saturday and Sunday.

-A quality outdoor experience in a beautiful setting.


Registration, Cost, and Important Trip Information



In order to attend, you must fill out the APPLICATION FORM and attend at least one of the indoor rock climbing clinics at either of the Madison, Milwaukee or Chicago programs. Food, gear and transportation will be provided during the weekend. Bring your own stoke and be ready to experience the beauty and excitement that is integral to outdoor climbing!

Limited spots are available and applications must be filled out prior to August 25th. We have space available for ambulatory and non-ambulatory individuals.

Please note that this application does not guarantee your spot on the trip. Adaptive Adventures staff will be in touch shortly to verify info and confirm your spot.

After you are confirmed on the trip, you will receive an email with details on schedule and what to pack, etc

As with any physically demanding event, we recommend you check with your physician before registering if you are unsure if it is a good fit for you.


$50 ($25 is due upon acceptance of your application. The remainder is due the day of the event.) This event will be free for veterans.


All routes will be set by the guides and trip leaders.

We encourage climbers to bring their own personal gear if possible (harness, rock climbing shoes, helmet). If you do not own gear, please indicate that on this application so we can provide some for you.

Specialty adaptive gear and ropes will be provided by Adaptive Adventures.

The climbing portions of this trip are strictly alcohol and drug free - no exceptions!

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