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Clinical Trial

Constraint induced movement therapy for walking in individuals post stroke

IRB Protocol Number STU00002762


Weena Dee, PT, DPT


This primary purpose for this study is to understand the effects of a cable pulley system with treadmill walking to increase forced use on the lower extremity of the affected side.  We want to understand if applied resistance to the leg and pelvis may increase forced use of the weaker leg while walking and the impact on overall walking.

Who Can Participate

Stroke>6 months (not in cerebellum or brainstem), independent walking with or without assistive device, no brace or AFOs, Gait speed .2m/s to 1.0m/s, be able to follow directions, tolerate standing>15 minutes


$40 for testing, $10 for 1 hour sessions, ($15 if traveling >20 miles)

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