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Tracking neural synergies during gait rehabilitation after stroke

IRB Protocol Number STU00214290


Alyssa Jones


The Shirley Ryan Ability is seeking healthy individuals to participate in a study in which we are measuring nerve and muscle electrical activity during walking and balance tasks. We want to better understand how the motor control of patients post-stroke changes during rehabilitation.

To accomplish this, we use grids of electrodes placed over the skin of the legs. This measurement technique is called high-density electromyography (HD-EMG).

We are recruiting healthy participants to compare to inpatients post-stroke, who will complete 2 visits lasting 2 hours each and the visits separated by 3 weeks. Healthy volunteers will complete various standing, balancing, and walking tasks while on a treadmill.



Alyssa Jones

Grace Hoo


Free parking in the Shirley Ryan Abilitylab garage will be provided for accepted participants. 

Who Can Participate

Healthy men age 74-84


You’ll receive $60 for completing the study and parking in the Shirley Ryan AbilityLab garage is covered.


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