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Intermittent Hypoxia and Upper Limb Training in Individuals with SCI

IRB Protocol Number STU00201602


Dr. Milap Sandhu


The overall objective of this project is to investigate the effectiveness of acute intermittent hypoxia (AIH), either alone or coupled with upper limb training, to improve upper extremity function in individuals with chronic motor incomplete spinal cord injury.

Who Can Participate

Inclusion criteria:
History of motor incomplete spinal cord injury from C3-T1
Non progressive cause of spinal cord injury
Greater than 6 months since injury
Not currently taking any medications for spasticity management

Exclusion Criteria:
History of cardiovascular or pulmonary conditions that would affect participation.
Uncontrolled diabetes
Individuals with tracheostomy
Participation in a concurrent research study or therapy


Participants will be compensated $30 for initial and follow up testing visits. Participants will be compensated $40 for training visits. 

Age Range

Age Range 18-70

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