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Assessing the use of surface EMG grids to characterize motor level of function in individuals with cervical spinal cord injury

IRB Protocol Number STU00203341


Babak Afsharipour


The primary study objectives seek to address the feasibility of utilizing surface EMG grids to evaluate motor function in individuals with chronic incomplete or complete spinal cord injury. It will then compare activation patters with individuals without spinal cord injury.

Who Can Participate

The following eligibility criteria must be met in order to participate:

History of complete or incomplete (ASIA C or D) spinal cord injury between the levels of C3-T1.

  • Must be at least 6 months post injury
  • Injury must be non-progressive in origin
  • No history of additional neurologic conditions (ie. stroke)
  • Must be medically stable with no significant cardiopulmonary condition
  • Not currently taking any antispasticity medications (>2 weeks)

Individuals who are medically stable, without history of neurologic injury or illness may also participate within the control group.


Reimbursement for participation is $50, per visit, for up to 6 visits.

Age Range

Age Range 18-70 years

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